Monday, August 18, 2008

Here in Deerfield!

Hello friends and family!

We have successfully moved all the way across the country, thanks
 to a lot of help from our friends and family and a very jam-packed trailer.  We're enjoying the sound of katydids and crickets out here, and we've already seen lots of deer hanging out on the side of roads as we drive around.  I guess Deerfield got its name honestly!

We sure miss everybody out in California.  The second bedroom of our apartment is all set up for you to come visit us though--book your flights soon!

Here are some pictures of us over the last three weeks.  We spent a couple weeks up in Michigan at Molly's family cottage, which was a very nice and relaxed time (Read: we watched like 80 hours of Olympics).  

We'll give you more updates soon.  We still have the same cell phone numbers, and we'd love to talk to you!  We're also on Skype--if you call us we will give you a virtual tour of our apartment!  

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