Thursday, August 21, 2008

A view of our house

Can you tell that I've got time on my hands today?  Here's a video tour of our new place.  

By the way, don't you just hate hearing yourself talk on a video?  I think I sound waaaay smarter in real life.  I promise!


Kara said...

Hi Friends!

We miss you. Kirra just said "Miss Molly" this morning out of the blue after we had prayed. So I said a little prayer for you. :-)

I love your new home.

The Josephs

P.S. We still have your green plastic bottle. I carried it to church for several weeks, ha! Do you still want it? I will send it if it is special to you.


Kristin Johnson said...

Hi friends,
Todd and I love your new home! You two have done such a great job at making it a cozy home in just a few days. We love you so much, we miss you, and we are praying for you as you face all of these new and exciting transitions.
Todd and Kristin

Elizabeth & Shea said...

we want more posts!