Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Adventures

Hello friends and family--Daniel here giving you the latest lowdown on the happenings for us here in Chicago and beyond.  

Before going further let me direct your attention to the links on the right--you'll see that we have some photo albums up.  I'd suggest right clicking on the links and opening them in a new window.  Hope you enjoy them!

It feels like every time we post lately there is so much to update you on.  That probably is an indication of how busy it has been for us this November.  We had wonderful visits with my parents on one weekend, and the very next weekend got to spend a great time with Jonathan and Michelle.  While we had a blast both weekends, we were left feeling a little bit worn out afterwards.  We had about one week to recover, during which time I worked feverishly on a term paper and Molly was busy working across the street.  Although we tried to protect our evenings together, the lack of routine has been a little bit hard, especially for me I think.  I like routine :)  

After our week of relative calm, we got up really early last Tuesday to board a plane from Milwaukee to Boise for Thanksgiving.  Imagine our surprise when we ran into my Aunt Pam from Iowa while on a layover in the Minneapolis airport!  She was on her way to Boise as well as a surprise to my uncle Nathan and the rest of the Reider family.  We ended up sitting next to her on the three hour flight, and it was really fun to catch up with her and share about our lives.  If you remember we spent our first anniversary at Aunt Pam's farmhouse on our way across the country this summer, so she and her Viking husband Stan have a special place in our hearts.

Thanksgiving itself was wonderful but very packed.  We pretty much spent the whole time sitting around and eating lots of food, drinking lots of coffee, and having wonderful conversations with the Arroues and Reider families.  It was so special to be with other believers and just be encouraged by them.  I think we both felt very cared for, as we were able to talk about our transition to Chicago and all the things we're working through as we adjust to a new life.  The time definitely went by too fast, as we had to board a plane early on Friday morning in order for Molly to get back for work on Saturday.

Actually I should say that we TRIED to board a plane early on Friday morning.  In reality what happened was we attempted to board the plane at 8 AM, but we didn't really board until about 4.  For some reason our plane decided it didn't want to work (perhaps it ate too much turkey the day before) and so we were stranded at the airport for 8 hours.  It was one of those situations where there's really nothing you can do, because at any moment the plane might be fixed, and so the time stretches on, and on, and on.  Eventually we were able to go take a little adventure away from the airport and enjoy the beautiful Fall day outside.  We like to call it "extreme carry-on walking"--check out our pictures for samples of what it looked like.  The great thing about being married is that even being stranded at an airport can be fun--Molly and I really can make any situation fun when we're together!  At ended up being a very long day, since we got up before 6 and didn't get to our house until midnight.  I'm beginning to think that my parents may have passed down their unnerving ability to turn any vacation into "an adventure."

We are hoping that December is a little bit more normal, although we have a lot more family stuff to look forward to, including a visit from Molly's family on this Friday.  I'm sure that this month will go by just as fast as last month did, between finals for me, new clients for Molly at her job, and everything surrounding Christmas.  And to cap it all off we'll be celebrating Molly's birthday on December 31st (hint hint) with the Green family up here.  Speaking of which, we are really looking forward to the snow that December brings to Chicago.  In fact we just had our first real blanket of snow come last night.  We've got our house all decorated for Christmas and our enjoying the warm and snuggly feeling that the winter season brings.  We miss all of you!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the advent season.  Love to you all.

The Reiders

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Elizabeth & Shea said...

Hey Reids,
I just left a bit of comments underneath your pictures. Thank you for taking them and sharing them with us! We miss you both deeply.