Friday, September 26, 2008

Seeing Blue

   Well if your thoughts mirror mine at all in these last few weeks, you're probably thinking to your self, "Goodness Mols, when are YOU going to contribute a blessed thing to this blog?!"  

Ta Da!......

 Following the soggy weather a couple of weeks ago, the most beautiful days have swiftly followed. It has been a warm and late extension of summer, but some trees are just beginning to hint at their knowledge of fall. One who is brilliantly confused, is dropping golden leaves all over our courtyard already. It's lovely. 

And aside from seeing a blue sky again, Daniel and I decided to bring a piece of the sky indoors with us. We spent a few late nights after school/work last week painting our living room the color of a very calm peacock. We're still thoroughly enjoying the effects of such a happy change in our home.  HOME. I'd say the paint has pushed us nearer that word. 

With our place looking even more settled, we had a torrent of guests in and out of our apartment. Just how we like it. Our new friends from upstairs, sweet Meg, Daniel's sister Amanda and her roommate from Wheaton,  our friends from across campus, and lastly my Momma, Aunt Missy and fire-cracker Nana. They came into town for one night to to see the show Wicked in the city. It was lovely. We continue to enjoy the fruits of having a front window facing the courtyard. Daniel is able to to keep up on the neighbors throughout the day (we tease he's like a cute little granny) and people have taken to knocking on our windows to say hi or invite us to do something. We love it. 

Daniel is positively dominating (to use a favorite Reider word) Greek. I'd like to say it's all GEEK to me:) Just kidding. I'm sooo proud of him. He's enjoying his classes, and is a wonderful attentive friend to fellow seminarians, while still adjusting to the grind that inevitably accompanies the excitement of ministry preparation. I'm still adjusting to work and learning so much. I know it will take a long time to feel confident, and I'm a bit antsy for that day. But I continue to love the kids, and the weeks simply fly by.  Despite the ups and downs of continuing to adjust, we carry a keen sense of being deeply blessed. 

Today for our day off, we discovered a free way (oh YESSSSSS!) to enjoy the nearby Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was such a beautiful place to explore.  We're looking forward to getting back to enjoy the changes reflected through the seasons. Enjoy dear friends. We love and miss you.

Daniel discovered to his dismay that the sun dial did not reflect Day-light savings time.
                                                     Something had to be done.....

                                                               A new  'do for the fall:)

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Elizabeth & Shea said...

Hey Reiders,
We miss you so much and are so happy to hear that you are feeling like home. We are in a strange state...knowing that we will be here only 10 more months. We are just about to settle into a church and continue to pray that we find friends here.

the Rams