Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First day of Fall

I know today isn't the official first day of Fall, but for me (Daniel) today is the REAL first day of fall.  It is absolutely gorgeous outside today in Deerfield.  It rained all day yesterday, but today the rain blew away and left a clear blue sky with white puffy clouds scuffling along high above--everything you could ask for in a perfect sky.  I was so inspired by the weather that I went out running in the ridiculous "neighborhoods" (i.e. mansions with Central Park-ish lawns surrounding them) surrounding Trinity.  My run wasn't quite as beautiful as the day, but it was great to just be out in this weather.  The trees are beginning to turn, the air is crisp, you can smell dry leaves and cut grass and muddy dirt.  I think this day definitely rivals some of the prettiest Fall days I've ever experienced--five years ago, in Oxford.  And that's saying something!  I pretty much was in love with Fall over in Jolly Old England :)

I was going to post some pictures, but I'm afraid I couldn't do it justice.  And plus, more clouds are rolling in again . . . looks like the perfect Fall day may not last very long.

In other news, wasn't Molly's last blog great?  I'll try to convince her to write often!  Also, Molly and I had a great time at our church on Sunday.  I say "our church" because I think we have found a home.  We went to the Pastor's house for lunch on Sunday, along with some other church members.  We really enjoyed everyone we met, plus the food was very good!  They even invited us to come to the local High School's Homecoming football game this Friday.  We can't go though because we already have plans with friends.

Speaking of friends, God continues to bless us with new relationships out here.  We now have several couples that we would probably consider rather close friends already.  Living on campus has been great for that--there are so many people around here that are in similar situations as us.  Tomorrow night we're going with our friends Dave and Libby to watch the Boise State football game at our favorite new restaurant--the Cubby Bear!  (yes, it's named after the local pro teams).  As a bonus, the Cubs are playing my beloved Dodgers in the first game of baseball playoffs at the same time.  I'm thinking about wearing my Dodgers shirt and seeing if I get beat up :)

Well, I am hungry after my run.  Hope you all are doing well.  Write us back sometime!


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Debra Joy said...

Hey kids! I just found your blog! It's fun to be on the "inside" of what you're writing about, since I'm actually here at Trinity. (If that makes any sense.) You guys are inspiring me to think about blogging for myself...we'll see!