Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pass the Hot Chocolate

Well, Alright. It is the 9th of November and until now it's been all talk of Indian Summers, the beautiful leaves, apples,  and long walks in snugly sweaters. But we have a new song to sing around here.  One to the tune of "WHOOOOO BOY!....Where's my parka, my mittens, and my wool body suit because I think an icicle just hit my bones".   We're considering giving up our apple and granola diet for more substantial caribou:) Just kidding.

But really, the biting cold weather has hit. Just like that.  Sweaters one day, and dreams of layering downy puffy coats the next. And the funny thing is that Mom and Dad Reider were here with us to enjoy our first punch of cold weather.  We have had the most beautiful 5 days with them. It's funny we invited the tallest preacher in Idaho to fold into the smallest guest room in Chicago but he and Mom Reider were the most gracious of visitors (as usual). Nothing but the most intentional conversations, the best coffee, and the loveliest hugs.  Not to mention the best entertainment. We went to see Amanda (Daniel's sister, a senior at Wheaton) perform in "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  She was stunning and we were thoroughly awed by the original design and brilliant acting... oh and we laughed (or honked) heartily.  Shakespeare was such a funny guy.  Today we enjoyed a meal after church with our good friends from upstairs, Dave & Libby, and Nate & Debra (with adorable little Annabelle). We are so grateful for our friends here and were refreshed with the meeting of two very important pieces of our lives. Now if we could only get all of our dear ones from California to come for Sunday lunch:)....

Daniel is studying as we speak for D.A. Carson's quiz in the morning. Looking over his posts I'm sorely disappointed in the disclosure of his smarts. He's doing so well in classes. brilliantly well. Coming to terms with what it means to be a student has been the bigger hurdle. I think we are both struggling in our own ways to commit to roles that feel very narrow. I know we look forward to times when "Bible scholar" and "speech therapist" go hand-in-hand with broader acknowledgments of what we love. In the meantime, we hope our role in church and community continue to grow as we seek what God has for us and grow deeper in love with Him.

We miss feeling known like our friends in California know us. We miss not needing small talk to get to the good stuff. But regardless, I'm so excited it's November... whether it means going head-to-head with Jack Frost or not:) It means we've been here for a while now. We've seen it change. We've seen kids in our apartment courtyard go from bathing suits to snow suits.  We've gone from fans and popsicles to soup and socks.  It smells of longevity and of growing roots.  Better's starting to smell like Boise and Thanksgiving. I can't wait:)

Love you all. 


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