Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally another update!

Due to popular demand Molly and I have decided to finally update our blog--sorry it's been so long!  We know you must all be crying into your computers every time you check to see if we've written and nothing new is here.  And since I know you all check multiple times per day, that means a lot of tears!  Gosh, I'm starting to feel guilty just thinking about it.  We have a responsibility to keep you all happy--we'll try to update more often in the future :)

Here are some pictures of our life the last few weeks (you'll see pictures from a local apple festival, Milwaukee, and a walk in a local forest preserve, in that order)

Well, life has been very busy here lately.  We took a trip down to Indiana for a few days at the beginning of October and had a great time hanging out with the Greens.  They loaded us up with bikes and cross country skis, which we are excited about using in the beautiful forest preserves around here.  While we were there we also got to check out an Indiana University football game.  Let's just say we're glad their basketball team is pretty good--watching the football team was kind of like purgatory--you couldn't wait to get onto something better!

Last weekend we took a trip up to Milwaukee for a day.  That was really fun--we really enjoyed just walking around, exploring the architecture, and viewing the local industry (i.e. the Miller brewery).  Molly and I have also been down to Chicago a couple times just to go to some fun coffee houses.  It only takes a little over a half hour to get there, so it's nice to be able to run down there after work sometimes and go on a little adventure.  We have realized that most of our good conversations occur when we're off doing something new, so we try to go exploring often.

My schoolwork is going pretty well.  I've finished one class and am doing fairly well in the other classes.  I'm still not quite adjusted to studying all day, but it's becoming a little bit more routine as the weeks go by.  Molly is excelling in her job--she just earned the fastest promotion her boss has ever given!  I couldn't be prouder of her :)  It's still a struggle for her to adjust to all the new requirements of this job, but she is passing all her challenges with flying colors--and she looks cute while doing it!

We are enjoying our new church, Evangelical Free Church of Libetertyville.  I just went to the Men's retreat, which was quite an adventure given that I didn't know anybody going into it.  I had a good time, although all the conversations with new faces got a little tiring.  We're hoping to find a Bible study to be a part of in the near future.  So far the people we have met have been very friendly and encouraging--we look forward to deepening relationships there.  We miss our old church though--we just got the worship album they put out and all the old songs are making us a bit nostalgic for all the relationships and worship times from back in CA.

Well that's about all for now.  A few things come to mind that you can pray for us about:
1) that Molly will make some deeper relationships with women out here.
2) that Molly and I will continue to know how to care for each other well in this new place.
3) that Daniel will begin to see what God might be leading him to do in ministry after Seminary.

Thanks for reading--we appreciate all your support!  Write us back!

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Levi Cole said...

Hey Dan and Molly! Great to hear your update. Did that forest preserve open up to a lake? If so, my dad may have been the caretaker of that forest while he was at Trinity.